Black Desert – Japan server to enter Open Beta early next month

Over at the annual Chokaiji event in Japan, publisher Pmang (under Neowiz Korea) announced that Black Desert Japan will enter Open Beta on 8 May, with players able to create their characters starting from 1 May. The decision to start Open Beta on a Friday morning at 9:00 is to prevent player clogging if the servers open up on a weekend. The Tamer class will also be available right at launch.

Black Desert Japan - Open Beta announcement

Almost all features will be available at launch, including the 100 vs 100 guild PVP. The Korean server had to wait a few weeks after launch for that content! The level cap is also raised to 50, up from 30 during the testing phase. A special trailer featuring actress Maika Yamamoto (below). From 1 May to 25 May, there is also a character creation contest, where players create their ideal “wife”.

Black Desert Japan - Maika Yamamoto

Male characters such as the Giant and Fighter are allowed, as Pmang seems to be pro-LGBT in announcing “no problem for gay” in the notice. The Grand Prize will see Pmang creating a life-size “wife” based on the submission and delivered to the winner’s house (material unclear). The next 9 winners will receive a physical photo album with pictures of their “wives”. Creepy, but really cool.

Black Desert Japan - Character creation contest