Tencent – Record year for IT giant in 2014 with USD 4 billion profits

When I first started researching the China market, a colleague joked with me about Tencent, claiming the company might just worth ten cents since it is from China. Today, Tencent announced that its profits increased 53% in 2014 from 2013 (year on year), with the profits standing at USD 4 billion. Part of the various subsidiaries under the huge umbrella, Tencent Games did very well too.

Tencent 2014 finance report

According to reports, online gaming revenue for Tencent increase 41%, aided by the growing mobile games market. Integration with other popular apps, such as Weixin (WeChat) and Mobile QQ (chat messenger) helped promote the games to more users. Tencent does not have significant activities outside of China, though it is a major shareholder in Riot Games and Epic Games (Unreal Engine).

Riot Games