Tencent – China IT giant working with Microsoft to promote Windows 10

As an active gamer of Tencent Games, I experienced first hand the tortures when Windows 8 and 8.1 launched. Applications and games, including Blade & Soul back then, could not run in the first few months. Tencent has seen the troubles of adapting with a new Windows version, and is thus working with Microsoft to make sure all its products are compatible with Windows 10 from the first day.


In another Tencent-related news, China’s biggest IT company will be hosting its annual “UP” event later this month. Industry watchers’ eyes are on the progress of the Tencent Interactive Entertainment platform, hoping there to be some solid news about new products such as movies and dramas. Of course, gamers will be awaiting to see if Tencent Games will make any announcements.

Tencent Interactive Entertainment