Smilegate – CrossFire developer takes No.2 spot in 2014 gaming revenue

According to reports from the Korean media, Smilegate has taken over NCsoft in the No.2 spot for gaming revenue for the year 2014. Much of the revenue should derive from CrossFire, still the current No.1 online shooter in China published by Tencent Games. Smilegate also has an amazing 56.9% profit off the revenue, where the common figure is around 10 to 20%.

South Korea 2014 gaming revenue

However, Smilegate’s profit percentage is actually down compared to 2013, where it managed to achieve 67.8%. Still, it is the highest profit percentage in 2014, with Devsisters (of LINE Cookie Run fame) at a distant second. Smilegate is looking to expand, having already launched several Korean mobile games and established a new team handling Lost Ark, first revealed at G-Star 2014.