Master X Master – Tencent Games teasing NCsoft MOBA for China

Master X Master, if you did not know, is an upcoming MOBA in-development at NCsoft. The game will features several characters from NCsoft games, such as Blade & Soul, Aion, and Lineage, including several brand new characters as well. China’s biggest games company, Tencent Games, is teasing Master X Master to be announced next week at the annual Tencent Games UP event.

Master X Master - China teaser 1 Master X Master - China teaser 2

There is no launch schedule for Master X Master in South Korea, but NCsoft is working hard on the title, announcing a mobile version back at G-Star 2014. Tencent Games is looking to build up its eSports platform as well, though already having heavy hitters such as League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth and SMITE. It also has CrossFire, Call of Duty Online among many other competitive games.