Black Desert – Game celebrates 100 day of launch with new trailer

While Blade & Soul marked its 1000th day since launch in South Korea, Black Desert hit the 100th day milestone recently. Developed by PearlAbyss (founded by former members behind Continent of the Ninth) and published by Daum Games, a new game trailer was showcased to mark the occasion.


A new cosmetic headpiece will be on sale as well in the cash item show, and I think it is priced very low. I guess it should be free though, but still, congratulations to Black Desert. PearlAbyss will now be hard at work preparing the Russian, Japan and Taiwan server for launch.

Black Desert 100th day headpiece

In other related news, PearlAbyss once again confirmed that the next playable character class, Valkyrie, will be added next month. Seen as the female counterpart of the male Warrior class, what different skills will she have? Stay tuned for more info!

Black Desert - Valkyrie image