Tencent – Thousands queue to get red packet from company founder

After the week-long Lunar New Year (or Spring Festival) break, Chinese bosses usually give their employees a red packet to signal the starting of work. This is the same for Tencent, which is a majority shareholder of Epic Games, Riot Games, owner of WeChat, QQ Messenger and of course, Tencent Games. The red packets with the lowest have just 10 Chinese Yuan (USD 1.60).

Tencent - 2015 red packet queue photo 1 Tencent - 2015 red packet queue photo 2

You see, the Tencent employees are really more eager to meet the company founder, Mr Pony Ma (below in red), rather than queuing hours for the money. Some reasons given include having “good luck” at the start of the lunar new year by meeting the boss, or even to just see him as he is not usually around the company. The queue apparently started around 7 in the early morning.

Tencent - 2015 red packet queue photo 3