Snail Games – Gameloft signs up for new OBox Android console

At the Snail Games USA booth of CES 2015, Gameloft Vice President Ludovic Blondel joined the Snail team to announce a major deal between the two companies. Snail’s exhibition has showcased their new line-up of gaming hardware, including W 3D gaming smartphone and the OBox gaming console.

Snail Games at CES 2015

During the visit, Blondel held a brief Q&A to discuss the recently announced partnership between Gameloft and the Snail OBox.

“I think that what we care about at Gameloft first is the end user experience,” Blondel said. “We care about the hardware, what engine will power this experience. And when we got to know what is inside, it is amazing…in the end good hardware and good partner, a natural way to work together.”


The OBox console comes with a powerful Nvidia Tegra K1 processor, which along with its Android-based system supports game for Android as well as porting of PC titles. Players can enjoy this extensive library of games in their living rooms, with a console style gaming controller and multimedia output for high definition video and audio, including 3D TV support.


Blondel went on to say “Real gamers like to have something physical to play with. So when you play on a TV you need a joy-pad… Because we have in our portfolio this type of “gamer’s” game, we really feel there is a strong link between those titles and the [Snail] hardware. So in the end we believe that Android gaming could be shaken by the hardware [Snail] bring.”


Gameloft will port 4 of their popular titles to the OBox home gaming console including shooters Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War and Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, racing game Asphalt 8: Airborne, and action RPG Wild Blood, built on the Unreal engine. The company will also later port their upcoming game, Gods of Rome.