Snail Games USA – CEO being sued for unfair dismissal and racism

[Source] David Runyan, who joined Snail Games USA in 2012 as its director of game operations, is suing CEO Shi Hai over claims of racism and unfair dismissal. He also claimed that Shi Hai is a “volatile individual who would often make decisions based on raw emotions and snap judgements”.

Snail Games CEO Shi Hai

Snail Games USA lost its 4th president in 5 years in Feb 2013, which could be attributed to the chaotic management style used by Shi Hai. An eccentric CEO with an even more eccentric personality, Shi Hai is seen as somewhat of an enigma in the China gaming industry, though mostly negative.


I have worked for some Asian bosses in the online gaming industry, and I can say that many bosses of stock-listed companies in the industry (especially China and Southeast Asia) make decisions without caring for the preparation work done, and simply to satisfy their own egos. All the best to David.

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