Core Masters – Garena announces Closed Beta date for new MOBA

Garena, Southeast Asia’s leading online game publisher, together with the up-and-coming Korean developer Soft Bigbang, are set to launch the first English version of Core Masters in Singapore and Malaysia. Players can start to redeem their Closed Beta Access Keys from 9 December 2014.


Beta Keys will also be available at cybercafés under the Garena Cybercafe Alliance and other selected cybercafés around the region at a later date. Closed Beta will begin on 17 December 2014, and players who join the game earlier can expect to receive more in-game rewards. For Closed Beta, players can choose from a selection of 35 Masters, each with its own individual Japanese voice-over.

Core Master Closed Beta image

Players will also have the chance to experience all the 3 game modes available during different periods of Closed Beta: Raid Mode, Scavenger Mode and Free-for-All Mode. For more information, please visit the Garena Core Masters Facebook page at

Overall, Core Masters is a brand-new MOBA that will deliver high quality gameplay and unique features. It has been launched in Japan and Korea in early 2014 to much hype. Some of the game features include:

Gameplay system

● Faster pace

● 4 v 4

● More freedom

Unique Item system

● No in-game Shop

● Pre-equip your Item and upgrade them in-game

● Item Crafting system allows players to enhance, forge and disassemble items

Vast collection of Masters

● 60 Masters have been developed, and more are to come!

● At least 2 Skins for each Master

● High in-game quality Japanese voiceover

● Famous Japanese voice actors/actresses have lent their voices to Core Masters, such as Chihara Minori (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) , Yūki Aoi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) and Ono Daisuke ( Kuroshitsuji)

● Immersive voice acting will enhance players’ gaming experience

Game modes

● Raid Mode. Destroy the enemy’s Guardian to win. Collect Cores and use them to blast the enemy’s Guardian and destroy it.

● Scavenger Mode. Collect 30 Cores as a team to win. You need to obtain Cores from the Gates or steal them from the enemy Masters.

● Free-for-All Mode. An all-out brawl. Every Master for himself. Collect a certain number of Cores to win.

Core Masters poster