Closers – Interview reveals how Pve and PvP will be balanced in the game

Closers: Dimension Conflict is one of the many games which Nexon Korea will be publishing next year. The first game from Naddic Games, Closers intends to modernize the side-scroll hack and slash genre. Chinese media 17173 gets to have a short interview with the game producer to find out more.


Q: It was reported that Closers will enter a public test phase (did not specify Open Beta) in December. How is development for the game going, and what new features will there be?

A: It is hard to give a numerical percentage on the game’s development progress, but Closers is indeed having a public test phase next month. There will be new dungeons, and the new defence mode and maze mode.

Q: Can you tell us more about the defence and maze modes?

A: In the defence mode, players will work together with a NPC to defend a core machine from waves after waves of monsters. In the maze mode, it is a dungeon where players are given several progression choices to choose from at different points, and each will consist of a different quest.


Q: In the new version, will there be any new PvP features?

A: There aren’t many differences compared to the previous version, though we did some balancing work. There will be no new characters in the PvP mode, but we will be adding new ones and bosses in the future.

Q: It seems that there is a balancing mechanic for the PvP mode in Closers, which will allow new and veteran players to join the same game.

A: Yes, we do have such a system. The items from PvE and PvP are separated, hence veteran players will not be able to bring high level gears into the PvP mode.

Q: The PvP mode seems similar to the standard MOBA map, with towers and three lanes.

A: Yes, the idea is pretty similar to League of Legends. There are currently 9 characters to choose from (most are PvP mode exclusive) and players engage in 4 vs 4 battles. The max level cap in PvP mode is 20.

Q: Players are saying that the side-scroll view is hard to express the MOBA elements intended.

A: In the PvP mode, team work is the key. We also have fog of war activated, and skills here have longer cool-downs compared to PvE.


Q: In terms of skills, what special settings are there?

A: Similar to most games, skill points are used to upgrade skills. There are 8 basic skills, and 4 new ones with each advancement. There is a skill cube system, where the lower cubes can be sold to NPCs, while the more powerful cubes which drop from high level dungeons can be used to change skill stats.

Q: In Closers, the gear slots are divided into core, template and shield. Each slot can also accommodate several items. Might this design be too confusing?

A: Players might find it unfamiliar when starting the game, but once they progress further, they will find this system very versatile and offer much freedom. For other games, a normal set of clothing and weapon is enough. For Closers, having more items will mean more changes, and players can find the different combinations interesting.