Civilization Online – Jake Song talks about the game in new interview

XLGAMES is at G-Star 2014 promoting Civilization Online, and Taiwan media GNN managed to hold an interview with Mr Jake Song, a couple of key development executives and even a representative from 2K Games. Please note that the replies are edited to prevent confusion. Read on!

Civilization Online - Jake Song and development executives

Q: Civilization has always been a popular single player series. What factors decided that making a MMORPG out of the series is the next step?

A: XLGAMES was looking for a new project, 2K Games was looking to make a MMORPG, and Jake Song himself is a fan of the Civilization games. These are the three basic factors how Civilization Online started. 2K Games is looking to expand the series, and it makes sense working with an experienced games veteran such as Jake Song.

Q: Compared to the single player games, what is Civilization Online aiming for in terms of game experience?

A: The single player games are purely turn-based, while the online version is a MMORPG, hence there will be great differences. In Civilization Online, players can be challenged by more uncertain elements, such as deciding as a whole to build a city or start a war. Players can also explore a vast world along with others

Civilization Online - Vast world

Q: The single player games made players think of “one more round” in terms of playability. What kind of features will make Civilization Online have the same attractiveness?

A: In the single player games, players look at the world with a god’s vision. Here, each players has a different role and tasks to fulfil. Cooperation between players and fighting with other civilizations is very new to the series.

Q: The new Aztec civilization was revealed recently. How is this different from the other civilizations?

A: There aren’t really many differences. Starting out, the Aztec civilization might have a longer period of peace, as it is located on a different continent from Rome, China and Egypt. We will be adding more elements unique to each civilization.


Q: Which civilizations will be playable at launch?

A: For now, the four confirmed civilizations will be Rome, China, Egypt and Aztec. New civilizations will be considered down the road.

Q: Which civilization is the most popular in the previous test phases?

A: Egypt is the most popular, perhaps players are attracted to the design of the Egyptian guards and king. Even if the population is the biggest, Egypt never got the first position in any server. This might be due to players in the Egypt civilization tend to be more focused on building than warring.

Civilization Online - G-Star 2014 booth 1

Q: Is it possible for a civilization to win without going to war?

A: In Closed Beta 1, the only option to win is to be victorious in war. In Closed Beta 2, we have added new winning options, and one includes building a pyramid! We will be adding more winning options in the future, such as through technology research (firing a rocket etc). We want players who are not into war to be able to win as well.

Civilization Online - Rocket launch

Q: Will there be content such as players working together to defend against an invading alien army?

A: We do not have such plans now, and are focusing on putting actual events and elements which truly happened into the game. We might think of this kind of content in the future according to players’ demands.

Q: According to players’ feedback from the test phases, was any new feature implemented?

A: After Closed Beta 1, players feedback that musical instruments are really important in each civilization and culture. We have added several ancient and modern musical instruments into the game, some which will buff players during war, some which will speed up construction time.

Civilization Online - G-Star 2014 booth 2

Q: Is there a confirmed launch schedule for Civilization Online in South Korea? What about Taiwan?

A: There is nothing we can announced now, but an announcement should happen soon. We are aiming to succeed in Korea before opening overseas servers.