Bless – Closed Beta 2 begins next month with Realm vs Realm update

One of the highly anticipated online games in Korea in recent times, Bless will be entering the Closed Beta 2 phase from 16th to 22nd December in South Korea. Crafted using Unreal Engine 3 by Neowiz Bless Studio, both factions of Union and Hieron will now enter along with new races.

Bless - Opposing factions and continent map

While some races might look similar, they are definitely different in their allegiance. There are 8 classes to choose from, but I am guessing there will still be a couple not ready for Closed Beta 2. The images below are from G-Star 2012, which seems pretty awesome despite the two year gap.

Bless - Union faction race Bless - Union faction race 4 Bless - Union faction race 3 Bless - Union faction race 2 Bless - Union faction race 1Bless - Hieron faction race 1 Bless - Hieron faction race Bless - Hieron faction race 4 Bless - Hieron faction race 3 Bless - Hieron faction race 2

With the introduction of a whole new faction (Hieron), it is just normal for several new maps and areas to be added as well. Located north of the continent, there are 12 new regions, with a main capital city as well. Below are some screenshots of the new regions, which all look absolutely gorgeous.

Bless - Hieron capital Bless - Hieron map 1 Bless - Hieron map 2 Bless - Hieron map 3 Bless - Hieron map 4

The Realm vs Realm feature will be tested for the first time, pitting the faction of Union and Hieron against each other. For now, the battlefield will be set at 200 vs 200 players. There are many more new features, such as the magistrate system (like a faction leader), dungeons for all levels and more.

Bless - Realm vs Realm screenshot 1 Bless - Realm vs Realm screenshot 2