World in Audition – Closed Beta is now live for new rhythm game

[Game website] Asiasoft today announced the dancing game, World in Audition, has entered Closed Beta and will be available to players till 27 October 2014, 0900hrs (GMT +8). Asiasoft has also launched a poll to invite players to vote for the songs they want to be featured in World In Audition.

World in Audition - Shooting Star

Developed by Hanbitsoft, World In Audition is the sequel to Southeast Asia’s number one dancing online game, AuditionSEA. World in Audition offers a fresh spin to the franchise with improved game features and more ways for socializing and customization amongst all players.

World in Audition - Appenticeship

New dance modes, Bling Holing and Shooting Star Mode, are also introduced to amp up the variety and difficulty of the rhythm game in World In Audition. A myriad of new features are also in-store for greater player interaction, such as customizing their own waiting rooms.

World in Audition - Player room

New features in World In Audition include:

– New selection of songs and fashion from latest K-pop trends

– New Dance Modes: Bling Holing Mode, Shooting Star Mode

– New In-game Features: Fairy Garden, Hall of Fame Reward System, Star Training Course Tutorial, WIA Smart Phone, Apprenticeship, Ladder Game

– Interactive Waiting Rooms, Studio, Agency

World in Audition - Fairy Garden

As the preparations for the official release of World In Audition begin, Asiasoft has opened up for inputs from players in the choice of songs for the game. From a list of 20 popular K-pop, J-pop, Mando-pop and English songs, players can vote up to three of their favourite songs to be added.

“AuditionSEA has been a great success in the region and we are proud to be publishing its sequel, World In Audition,” says Quach Dong Quang, Regional Product Director (RPG/Casual) of Asiasoft.

“One of the key features of Audition franchise is that it allows users to play a multiplayer online rhythm game along the beats of popular songs. We have seen many requests for songs in the past and now we are opening up to allow players to pick the songs they want to play with.”

World in Audition - Item Mall

The World In Audition voting campaign will run from 23 October to 5 November 2014 and players can participate in the poll here: The top ten songs chosen by players will be submitted to Hanbitsoft for consideration to be included into World In Audition.

Players are to be reminded that all in-game data will be reset once the Closed Beta phase ends on 27 October 2014, 0900hrs (GMT +8). Game features such as Apprenticeship, Ladder Game and FAM will be made available in game updates after the upcoming Open Beta phase.

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