Fantasy Frontier – The mighty Greatsword arrives in Taiwan server

Also known as Aura Kingdom in the English market, the new Greatsword weapon has arrived in the Taiwan server as part of the latest content update. Directly translated as “Holy Sword”, players gain “Holy Energy” with each normal attack, and later unleashing them by using a variety of skills.


Players can chain together a full set of combo moves until the “Holy Energy” runs dry. Of course, that is if players store the energy till its full gauge. The development team stated that this weapon’s release was delayed several times to make sure the weapon makes an impact when attacking.

Fantasy Frontier - Greatsword image 1 Fantasy Frontier - Greatsword image 2

In development currently are “Sky Rifts”, which is an extended storyline from the Sky Tower system. It turns out some powerful monsters have escaped from the Sky Tower! These rift entrances will spawn in normal maps, and being a full raid, requires 40 players to participate.

The conclusion to some missing storyline in Sky Tower can be found in these rifts after defeating the new bosses. This is a new end-game feature, and will drop tons of awesome items and gears for raid parties which successfully defeat the rifts and seal them up.

Fantasy Frontier - Sky Rift boss artwork

Finally, the player housing system is also being polished before an official launch. Pretty much like most online games, players can decorate their houses with decorative items and gain bonuses. It was mentioned that the system has been worked on since the launch of Fantasy Frontier.

Fantasy Frontier - Housing system image 1 Fantasy Frontier - Housing system image 2