Capcom – Operating income falls by over 40% in latest financial report

Capcom just announced some rather alarming numbers, with both sales and profits falling drastically for the 6 months ending on September 30, 2014. The Japanese developer powerhouse citied a lack of major software launch during this period, with Ultra Street Fighter IV its main saviour.

Capcom financial report for the 6 months ending September 30, 2014

Net sales of 25,917 million yen (down 51.3% from the same term last year) were reported, along with operating income of 4,383 million yen (down 41.6%), ordinary income of 4,540 million yen (down 44.6%), and net income of 2,973 million yen (down 39.9%). These are definitely huge numbers.

Capcom department results

Overseas, Capcom just launched Monster Hunter Frontier (Online PC) in Taiwan, while working with China’s Tencent Games to prepare Monster Hunter Online for an official launch next year. The mobile business has yet to pick up despite launching several titles in Japan and North America.