Master X Master – NCsoft reveals hybrid MOBA with familiar characters

Earlier today, Korean studio NCsoft announced a new online action RPG, Master X Master. According to reports, the game is a remade version of another NCsoft game, Metal Black: Alternative. Master X Master will feature new unique characters, but also those from existing games too.


Gamers can expect famous characters (and monsters) from games such as Blade & Soul, the Lineage series,  and Aion to make appearances. 1 of the unique features for Master X Master is the ability to choose 2 characters, and switching between them in the middle of a game.

Master X Master - Blade & Soul character

Why a “hybrid MOBA”? While the Koreans prefer the term “AOS”, there are both PvE elements in the game, rather than just pure PvP. I am not sure how the system works for now, but Closed Beta will begin on 2nd October in South Korea. I expect the game to feature at G-Star 2014 as well.

Master X Master poster small