Tree of Savior – Weekly developer blog resumes with more details

The weekly blog for Tree of Savior is back after a week of holiday rest in South Korea. Currently in development by IMC Games (Granado Espada) and led by the man behind the first Ragnarok Online, Mr Hakkyu Kim, do note that information here might change leading to launch. Read on!


Q) Can Alchemist or the other classes that are specialized in crafting also engage in other activities while crafting items in the game?

A) No. They can’t. That’s why we allowed those characters to stay in the game even if players log out from the game when they are engaged in crafting that requires a long period of time.

Q) I have a great idea. Try advertising your game. Lots of fans fell in love with Tree of Savior, but there are still many who don’t know the existence of the Developers’ Blog.

A) We will think about advertisement or any other kind of promotional activities when we are fully prepared for the official service. Thanks for your info anyways.

Q) What’s the difference between Elementalist and Pyromancer? Does Elementalist become Pyromancer by specializing fire attribute?

A) To become an Elementalist, you have to go through Pyromancer, but Elementalist also uses other spells besides fire such as lightning, petrification curse and etc. For more information, please refer to the class introduction below.

Q) Are there any Doll Masters in the game such as Catherine Torche in Granado Espada?

A) There will be a classed called Puppetier which is a high ranked class, but controlling Puppetier will be slightly different from controlling Catherine Torche in Granado Espada.

Q) I saw Dievdirbys carving a sculpture in the game, but it looked vulnerable since it was surrounded by monsters. Does carving get cancelled if Dievdirbys get attacked by monsters?

A) Yes. Carving will be cancelled if it gets attacked by monsters. Therefore, in order to succeed carving you need to receive help from your party members or ‘Safety Zone’ which is a basic skill of Cleric class can protect Dievdirbys while it is carving a sculpture.

Tree of Savior - Safety zone

▲ You won’t be disturbed by monsters when you are in Safety Zone.

Q) I saw many accessories in the game such as horns and ears. Can we get them in the game or do we need to use cash to buy them?

A) There are many ways to obtain them. You can obtain them from monsters, craft them yourselves, or buy them from NPCs.

Q) How does the map system work? For example, can we see all the players on the field or can we only see our party or group members on the field?

A) Normally, you can only see your party members, but Scout can select a spot on the map to find out which players or enemies are there and share this info with party members.

Tree of Savior - Mini map

▲The NPCs that you have encountered and the routes you have discovered will be indicated on the mini-map.

Q) Are there any classes that are specialized in music such as Bards? I want to play flute or horn in the game. And Ukulele as well!

A) We haven’t decided whether to include a class related to music. However, if you use vuvuzela which is a sub-weapon, you can make vu- vu- sounds.

Q) Can characters dance or take poses in the game?

A) We have several basic poses and you can also acquire new poses in the game. Characters can’t dance though.

Tree of Savior - Emotion action

Q) I saw the subtitles from a video that says all classes will be able to use level 50 two handed swords. Why do Archer/Wizard/Cleric have to use those?

A) That was a mistake by us. We were testing something and we didn’t erase the texts. Sorry about that.

Q) Will items be bound to the characters which acquired those items in the first place?

A) No. You can freely trade any items acquired in the game. However, for the current version of the game, an item’s Potential will decrease by 1 whenever it gets traded so its value may fall.

This week’s class introductions:

Tree of Savior - Monk

▲ Monk is a pure attack-based Cleric-type class.

Most of its skills are influenced by Strength, so it may require some patience to grow Monk class.

“Iron Shirt” reflects enemies’ attacks without receiving any damages so it will be useful when Monk acts as a tanker in team plays.

“Sunrays Hand” receives bonuses from the three stats, so when collaborating with other buff skills or other classes, its effect will be intensified.

Tree of Savior - Druid

▲ Druid is a Cleric-type class which uses the force of nature.

It can either attack enemies or protect itself from enemies’ attacks using the grass on the fields, but since this skill can only be used on the fields with grass, Druid will show its great attack ability on the fields with plenty of grass.

It can also control plant-type or animal-type monsters and even transforms itself into certain monsters to use all of the skills of those monsters.

Tree of Savior - Elementalist

▲ Elementalist is a Wizard-type class which uses strong elemental magic spells.

It can use Petrification curse or Lightning spell which are not available in other Wizard classes such as Pyromancer and Cryomancer.

High rank fire or ice spells have a long casting time, but since they are rather powerful, they will be effective when fighting against boss monsters or in raid missions when you get help from your party members.

“Prominence” moves around freely after it gets summoned so it will be effective when you are facing against multiple enemies at once.

Tree of Savior - Sapper

▲ Sapper is an Archer-type class which is specialized in installing traps.

Diverse types of traps such as “Claymore” which can be installed in advance and explode it at a preferred time will be effective in battles that are crowded with monsters.


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