Strife – 2nd generation MOBA enters Open Beta phase in Southeast Asia

[Game website] Published by Asiasoft, Strife has entered Open Beta in Southeast Asia starting 29 August 2014, 1300hrs (GMT +8). Developed by S2 Games (Heroes of Newerth), the game is also now in Open Beta globally. Players can now register and learn more about the game at the website.


Strife is the premier 2nd generation free-to-play MOBA that features deep, collaborative gameplay, accessible heroes, and purchasable cosmetic upgrades. The game focuses on an engaging, enjoyable team PvP game through enhanced game mechanics suitable for new and veteran MOBA players.

Some of the key features include modified reward system to share in-game gold among team members, improved match making system for level playing fields and role-play attributes of crafting, in-game accompanying pets and items crafting.


Strife has been in Beta in Southeast Asia since early 2013 and from Open Beta onward, players get to enjoy added features such as Curse Voice integration to facilitate party formation and coordination, as well as the single-player experience which follows the backstory of Strife heroes.

In addition to S2 Games’ Strife event at PAX Prime 2014 in Seattle, Asiasoft today had organized offline events in Thailand, Philippines and Singapore to celebrate the launch of the game, as well as to brief local media, eSports teams and business partners on Strife’s upcoming regional tournaments.

Strife SEA website