Shadow Realms – BioWare reveals new 4 vs 1 online action RPG

[Game website] BioWare, a studio under Electronic Arts (EA), is no stranger to online RPGs, having built the currently successful Star Wars: The Old Republic. Over at Gamescom 2014, a new online action RPG, Shadow Realms, was revealed. So why is there a “4 vs 1” in the post title? How does it work?


From what I have read, Shadow Realms is basically a dungeon crawler, where 4 players are pitted against 1 “dungeon master”, known as the Shadowlord. The Shadowlord will be responsible for “haunting them, setting traps, casting spells, summoning monsters, and controlling any monster in the level.”

Shadow Realms artwork 1

There are 7 playable classes, and Shadowlords will have its own progression as well, just like a normal class. The players fight their way through different realms, finding treasure, dodging traps, opening secret doors, discovering lore, and each dungeon will have 1 Shadowlord (matchmaking I guess).

Shadow Realms artwork 2

There is simply too much details for me to post here, and what you read above is just a brief summary. Shadow Realms is developed in the veins of old-school classic tabletop RPGs, and I am guessing the older players will appreciate this. Will it be Free-to-Play? Well, that information is still not available.

Shadow Realms artwork 3