Nonstop Games – Candy Crush dev buys Singapore studio for 6mil USD

[SourceSingapore-based Heroes of Honor developer Nonstop Games has just been acquired by King of Candy Crush Saga fame. King handed over US$6 million in cash upfront, and could pay up to US$84 million over a four-year period subject to meeting revenue targets. 

Nonstop Games

Certain Nonstop Games employees also received US$10 million upfront in total, in exchange for working at King for a year following the acquisition date. Nonstop Games will remain based in Singapore, and will continue working on games that are expected to launch next year.


The acquisition deal by King is an interesting one, considering Nonstop Games has just one game in its portfolio. Heroes of Honor, a real-time city-management strategy game in a similar vein to Clash of Clans, was launched in January this year.

Heroes of Honor features 1 Heroes of Honor features 2