King of Wushu – More game details for upcoming Age of Wushu MOBA

While technically not a MOBA based on Age of Wushu, the setting is in the same wuxia world and also developed by Snail Game. Announced some weeks back, the mysterious 3D MOBA title has garnered attention from players all over the world. Here are some new details from the Chinese media.

King of Wushu development image 1

1. 30 playable characters are scheduled for Alpha phase.

2. The characters are currently known as “martial artists” rather than heroes. This is subjected to change.

3. Controls are still being optimized for PC and consoles.

4. No surprises, there will be a ranking board/ ladder.

5. Rather than being similar to League of Legends or Dota 2, the game is more like a PvP stage set in the wuxia world, with a few MOBA gameplay elements.

6. King of Wushu is being placed as a more casual MOBA title, with the hopes of players having actual fun.

7. Sporting a third person view mode, players of Age of Wushu should be familiar with the game. The concern is on players who play League of Legends and Dota 2.

8. The core mode will still feature a 5 vs 5 map, with other casual modes in development.

9. King of Wushu will of course feature many classic wuxia skills.

10. Players will be able to form guilds.

King of Wushu development image 2 King of Wushu development image 3