ArcheAge – Version 1.7 to debut new PvE and PvP content next week

With the North America server announcing Closed Beta next week, the Korean server will be getting its new 1.7 update around the same time as well. First up, there is a new aquatic world boss known as Leviathan. It is said that a minimum of 30 ships will be required to bring it down.


Attack of the Abyss has 2 sections to it. For PvE, players must simply defeat the pirate ghost ships to earn gold. For PvP, 1 side must defend the capture point, while the other side must try to conquer it.


Finally, there is a new PvP map, Dew Plains. Much resources are found here, and apparently the “weaker” players can form strategies and make use of the surroundings to take down stronger opponents.


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