Tree of Savior – New developer blog touches on weapons and companions

As interest for Tree of Savior heats up. a new regular developer blog was just updated. Crafted by Korean studio IMC Games, the project is headed by Mr Hakkyu Kim, known as the “father of Ragnarok Online” since he was the main guy behind the classic’s development. Read on!


Q) Is it possible to record in-game video clips or take screenshots? (FLV, MP4, WMV formats are preferable)

A) We temporarily inserted a feature which allows recording in-game video clips since that makes easier for us to develop the game. However, we haven’t decided whether or not to insert this feature in the official version of the game. It will be possible to take screenshots in the official version of the game.

《strong style=”font-style: inherit;”>Q) I heard that it is possible to automatically form a party when players are just nearby each other. Is it also possible to manually select the members within each party?

A) After FGT, We found out that lots of people feel awkward and difficult on this automatic matching people to form parties so we are modifying the party feature so that everyone can understand it easily. We will tell you more about it when our development is completed on this feature.

Q) Is there card system in TOS? What about fixed Loot and XP system? Are items’ stats fixed?

A) We do have cards in the game, but we don’t have any system which allows combining those cards on to items to have any optional effects on items. The types of items and XP that can be obtained from the monsters in the game are fixed for each monster.

However, when a player’s level exceeds monsters’ levels too much, then EXP points that the player will acquire will start to diminish. Items’ parameters are also fixed by item’s category and parameters can be improved by inserting jewels on items. If you insert a magic amulet on to an item, extra options will be activated. Jewels and magic amulets can be inserted together.

Tree of Savior - Shield and sword

Q) Is there a guild system in CBT?

A) CBT will be small scale and we are planning it for a short range of period so there won’t be guild system in CBT.

Q) I saw a spear from a video clip. Is there a knight who uses spear in the game? This is very important to me.

A) We have a class which is specialized in using spear. Especially, Hopelight (cinderboy note: I think this is Hoplite, thanks to pekikuubik for pointing that out) which uses one handed spear and a shield will become much more powerful when it is with Centurion class.

Tree of Savior - Spear users

Q) What does Wugushi mean which was mentioned previously?

A) In Chinese letters, it is written 巫蠱師. We got an inspiration from the tribe who were specialized in making and using poisons. (cinderboy note: As a Chinese myself, the term 巫蠱師 usually appears in novels and wuxia dramas, not so much in modern days.)

Q) Are the characters all left-handed? They were attacking with left hand when I watched a video clip.

A) When characters are using weapons on right hand, characters are hardly visible on the screen so to make them more visible, we changed the sides. I never thought you would notice this…
Please think of it as the image reflected from mirror.

Q) Are there daggers in the game?

A) Daggers act as sub-weapons in TOS. The items that will be equipped on left hand will all be called sub-weapons and some of them can be used by pressing C key.

When you are equipped with a dagger, you can attack the monsters using C key. Therefore, certain classes like the Swordsman can attack faster by pressing Z key and C key repeatedly.

There are other sub-weapons such as magic items which can use unique skills and some other equipment that are not really important in the game.


Q) Are monsters’ re-spawn locations random

A) Yes. They are random. But the monsters are made to pull each other so they can be grouped together.

Q) Is it possible to change BGM on each map?

A) We haven’t decided yet. Do you need a player which can switch to different music in the game? Please send us your suggestion.

Q) How do stats work? Is it possible to freely allocate the points to stats that have been accumulated by leveling up?

A) 1 point will be given after each level up. You can freely allocate this point on any of four stats.

Q) Can we have pets in TOS? If there are pets, will they assist us in battles or boost our stats? Are there mounts in TOS?

A) It is hard to clearly distinguish between pets and mounts in TOS. Some of the pets in the game can be used as mounts and some mounts can help you in battles and the level of closeness between you and the mounts can be increased.

Tree of Savior - Companion

In our development team, we call them collectively as “Companions”, and this word may become the one of the official glossaries in the game. 

Some companions can’t be riden nor it can help us in battles, but they will either help us in transportation or in other ways. There will be many types of companions in the game.



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