TERA – Bluehole Studio comes clean on game sequel rumours in China

First started in May 2013 due to a job posting, rumours about TERA’s potential sequels have been circulating and reported here. In China recently, the CEO of Korean developer Bluehole Studio spoke to the Chinese media, and confirmed that no direct sequel for TERA is being developed.


Project W” and “Project EXA” will only be similar to TERA in terms of western fantasy design, and both new games will apparently utilize a brand new combat system, different from online games before. More details were not available since they are still very early in development.

Project EXA artwork

Bluehole Studio is currently developing a mobile game, Elin Expedition, which is a tentative name. Elin will not be the only race found, and the game features a turn-based combat. The developer hopes to let non-core players understand more about TERA’s story through this game.

TERA - Elin Expedition

Publisher for TERA China, Kunlun, will be launching a non-wipe phase for a selected group on 16th July, which will be followed by Open Beta. Bluehole Studio  is aiming at 1 million concurrent players to be somewhat on par with Tencent’s Blade & Soul, which is holding a 1.5 million record.


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