Forsaken World 2 – Perfect World teases mega expansion for China

As with most online games in China, a big content update will propel a certain game to “2” or “3”, instead of being a totally new game. Perfect World has started teasing about “PEM II”, where “PEM” used to be the project codename for Forsaken World. A couple of pieces were revealed as well.

Forsaken World 2 artwork 1 Forsaken World 2 artwork 2 Forsaken World 2 artwork 3

Most interesting is the teasing of a new race, directly translated as “Demon”. While I am not really sure, the art piece seen below should be that of the new race’s. Horned and looking somewhat similar to TERA’s Castanic, the race will once again come with its own game zone and storyline.

Forsaken World 2 - Demon race artwork

Seen below are a few more art pieces, though they look rather mysterious at this point of time. Perfect World claims “PEM II” will introduce features such the missing “player god system” from the original game, “sandbox combat modes” and more. Details are expected to be revealed later this month.

Forsaken World 2 artwork 4 Forsaken World 2 artwork 5


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