Fantasy Frontier – Strongest dragon boss descends upon the game

The waves of content updates for Fantasy Frontier, also known as Aura Kingdom in the English market, continued last week with the addition of 2 new level 70 maps (Silent Ice Field and Meteor Highland). Of course, these maps are filled with the strongest monsters, including a the new end-game dungeon.

Fantasy Frontier - Silent Ice Field Fantasy Frontier - Meteor Highland

Loosely translated as Frozen Dimension for the end-game dungeon, it houses the most powerful dragon boss currently, Ice Dragon. After completing the story mode, players will gain access to the tougher 5-man mode, solo hard and abyss mode. The new level 70 gear packs will drop no matter the mode.

Fantasy Frontier - Ice Dragon

Touching on gears, the level 70 green and orange ones will drop in the latest update. Looks pretty shiny according to the press release images seen below. Once again, the English server is known as Aura Kingdom, with the publisher being Aeria Games. The game is definitely worth a try!

Fantasy Frontier - New level 70 cannon Fantasy Frontier - New level 70 dagger Fantasy Frontier - New level 70 scythe