Dragon Slayer – X-Legend officially announces new online game

First teased earlier this year, Taiwanese developer X-Legend Entertainment recently unveiled its new online game, Dragon Slayer. Known for Aura Kingdom and Eden Eternal among several others, X-Legend seems to be focused on pleasing the anime lovers with a Japanese theme song.


According to the official description, players (known as hunters) will be aiming different parts to take monsters down and collect materials for crafting. It almost sounds like Monster Hunter, which is pretty awesome. Players can climb on to the back to “forcefully” take them down as well!

Dragon Slayer screenshot 1 Dragon Slayer screenshot 2

Looking awfully similar to Monster Hunter, players will have a cute rabbit companion following them. It is said they do more than just staying cute! Other features include monster wave dungeons, cool mounts, glittery crafted weapon and armour designs, and I guess more will be revealed soon!

Dragon Slayer screenshot 3 Dragon Slayer screenshot 4 Dragon Slayer screenshot 5


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