Arena of Fate – Crytek aims to let players focus on tactics in new MOBA

Announced a couple of weeks ago, various media outlets had a chance to try out Arena of Fate over at E3 2014. Developed by Crytek, Arena of Fate is a 5 vs 5 MOBA which is aiming to remove toxic elements and let players focus on tactical gameplay. Sounds mighty similar to Strife.

Arena of Fate screenshot 1

Team mates get the same amount of gold from kills as long as they are in proximity, instead of being shared, which encourages team work. With no item store at the base, heroes level up and add points to passive and active skills instead, meaning the same hero can be played in different ways.

Arena of Fate screenshot 2

The major gameplay mechanic in Arena of Fate is the 20-minute limit for each game, and the winning team will be either decided by final points, or if 1 team manages to destroy the opposing team’s base. Is Crytek too late to hop on the MOBA wave? Sign up for beta here!

Arena of Fate screenshot 3 Arena of Fate screenshot 4