Tree of Savior – Max level cap revealed and more info on features

As some of you would have known by now, Tree of Saviour is an upcoming MMORPG developed by IMC Games, led by Mr Hakkyu Kim, the main guy who was behind Ragnarok Online. According to the latest interview, the max level cap now for Tree of Savior is 100.


The level cap is for the basic character, and is independent from the class levels. Character creation in the game rely on a barrack feature (same as Granado Espada). At first, players can only create up to 4 characters, but moving to a bigger barrack with more beds will increase the capacity.

Tree of Savior barrack system

It is certainly like a housing system, with players able to decorate the barrack and also other players visiting and leaving messages. How convenient, combining 2 features into 1! While there are around 80 classes (4 basic) planned for the official launch, more are being planned for the future.

Tree of Savior auction system

While there are crafting features available to all classes, there will still be unique items which can only be crafted by specific classes. Different from the classic Ragnarok Online system, trading now takes places using the Auction House (or 1-1 trade), with regular GM Auctions being held.

Tree of Savior crafting system

IMC Games is now seeking opinion from players all around the world, if there should be an international English server for Tree of Savior, or if players are more keen on regional ones published by different companies. You can head on to the survey page here to voice your opinion!

Tree of Savior combat