Phantasy Star Online 2 – Brief interview with publishing team

[Game website] The first English server for Phantasy Star Online 2 ended recently, with the publisher being Asiasoft. Despite being restricted to SEA region only, the excitement can be felt worldwide. I had a brief interview with the publishing team on the short-term plans for the game, read on!


Q: Overall, how did the Closed Beta phase went for Phantasy Star Online 2?

A: The Beta was pretty successful where we had a lot of players logging in and playing the game. We managed to capture valuable datas and feedback which we can use to improve the service for the game’s launch.

Q: Can you let us in on some numbers? For example, how many players took part, which races and classes were the most popular etc?

A: Unfortunately we are unable to share any numbers at this point.

Q: What were some of the common complaints received for the Closed Beta version?

A: SEGA has provided us with a solid build for Beta hence users didn’t get any significant issues ingame. However we’ve been monitoring users feedback from in-game, forum and social media and we found several feedback that we will be focusing on:

– Game Client Distribution Channels and Methods

– Overall gameplay smoothness, especially in connecting to the server.

– Localization (Some loyal Phantasy Star players shared their concern about translation of in-game terms, which are different from the ones in previous Phantasy Star games.)

Phantasy Star Online 2 SEA - Gameplay screenshot

Q: Last I was informed, official launch is scheduled on 29th May 2014, with a head start for Closed Beta participants on 27th May 2014. There will also be no other test phases before that. Is this still accurate?

A: The official launch date (29th May 2014) and Early Access (27th May 2014) are correct.

Q: What will happen between now and the game’s official launch?

A: Internally, we’ll be working closely with SEGA to improve our PSO2 service post-beta and addressing the community’s feedback with regards to the game.

Q: While the level cap for Closed Beta is set at 30, what will be the new cap for the official launch?

A: After the official launch, the level cap would be 40.

Q: Are there any new game features players can expect to see for the launch version?

A: Other than raising level cap to 40, the majority of the content remains the same as per what was released during Beta. We are working with SEGA to come out with series of content that we will release gradually.

Phantasy Star Online 2 SEA - Gameplay screenshot

Q: What about end-game content? What activities or raids are there for players who hit the level cap?

A: Level cap will gradually increase after official launch, as well as releasing new Quests/Paradigm Matrix/Campaigns for all players of PSO2. But for now, we’ll be focusing to launch activities for players.

Q: Having launched in Japan for quite some time already, players are no doubt asking about the new race and class (Braver). Are they far down the line?

A: As of now, we are focusing on PSO2 launch. As for future content like new race and class, we would need to work with SEGA and to monitor our players pattern on how they progress.

Q: Phantasy Star Online 2’s Japan server have had some pretty amazing tie-up events with various anime, most recently Attack on Titan. Any chance of the SEA server getting the content as well?

A: PSO2 Japan’s tie-ups are pretty amazing and we’ve been receiving feedback to bring them into our server. However, most of the tie-ups are for Japan server hence it would need different licensing to be available in our server. We will look into the tie-ups once PSO2 players have spent more time in-game and we will evaluate which tie-ups that are most suitable and viable to be brought into our server.

Q: What else can players look forward to for Phantasy Star Online 2’s launch version?

A: We will open up the game’s cash shops which will bring more choices for players in terms of players’s and gameplay customization.

Phantasy Star Online 2 SEA - Gameplay screenshot