ArcheAge – New update to reward players for open world PK

ArcheAge Korea will be getting its version 1.2 update next week (16th April), and player rewards will significantly increased for both PvE and PvP. Along with the new trailer, other new stuff include maps, monsters, gears, farm products and more. The English server under Trion is now in the Alpha phase.


1. Open field monsters will now give much more experience points than before.

2. Open field player kill (PK) will now reward players with experience points, an increase from nothing previously.

3. Boss monsters now drop much better loot, while new crafting materials are also added.

4. New farm products. Farming will give much more experience than before since it will increase along with skill level.

The trailer above also features the development team talking about updates for the near future, including updates on naval battles, sea trades, giant aquatic boss monsters coming this summer. Later this year, updates for territorial battles and large scale PvP will arrive.

ArcheAge screenshot 1 ArcheAge screenshot 2

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