Swordsman – Perfect World opens teaser page for new martial arts title

[Register] Announced back in 2010, Swordsman was brought back to the drawing board before launching in China on 28th June 2013. From an isometric Diablo-like camera view, it was “evolved” into a full 3D online game. If you did not know, the game is based on a novel by famed author, Louis Cha.


I have posted much info on the game before, but unfortunately most videos are gone after my YouTube account was banned. Still, you can see some screenshots, including my experience in the beta. My main beef is with the super small map sizes, incomparable to games such as Age of Wushu.


My opinions aside, Swordsman is a great looking online game, and Perfect World has done a great job upgrading the in-house game engines. Of course, there is still much room for improvement. The trailer below shows the first content expansion for the China server back in September last year.