Soul Worker – New game trailer debuts with new screenshots

While the actual first trailer appeared back in 2011, Soul Worker has since under the knife for some game design changes. Developer Lion Games today revealed a new “debut” trailer for the latest version, along with some new screenshots. Soul Worker is currently signed to Japan, China and Taiwan.


Soul Worker talks about a world invaded by creatures from other dimensions, with humanity having no strength to defend against the threat. Just when everything seems lost, the dormant powers within a group of teenagers awoke, and thus began the fight against the dimensional threats as Soul Workers.

Soul Worker screenshot 1

While the anime style and awesome effects are eye-catching, the instance dungeon system is something to look out for. Each dungeon will have different objectives, including luring a self-exploding monster to a safe zone while saving civilians. The dungeon system allows anyone to join any time if there is a slot, while players can even go back to town to re-supply before joining back again.

Soul Worker screenshot 2 Soul Worker screenshot 3

Lion Games mentioned that this interactive system was inspired by the Japanese series, Neo Evangelion, where team work is the key to winning battles. A major change to Soul Worker is the camera view which is now 3rd person, a design choice to allow the game to be more immersive.

Soul Worker screenshot 4 Soul Worker screenshot 5

Each playable character will have his or her own storyline, along with unique narrative dialogues. There will be many costumes in the game for players to choose and collect as they get stronger. Soul Worker is currently scheduled for a Closed Beta phase later this year in South Korea.

Soul Worker screenshot 6 Soul Worker screenshot 7

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