Fantasy Frontier – 12th Weapon confirmed with upcoming content

[Register now] Also known as Aura Kingdom in North America, Fantasy Frontier’s Taiwan developer X-Legend recently previewed a massive upcoming content update, currently named as “Demons from Hell”. The game is very popular in Japan as well, and here is a quick preview of the content.

Fantasy Frontier - 11th weapon Tachi

1. New maps, monsters, instances – According to the storyline, the Shadow Knight will now call upon forces from Hell to invade the land. Some locations have already been conquered, and it is up to players to free them from the grasp of evil. There will be new undisclosed features as well.

Fantasy Frontier - New map screenshot 1 Fantasy Frontier - New map screenshot 2 Fantasy Frontier - New monster design 1 Fantasy Frontier - New monster design 2

2. New arrangement for Sky Tower party – I am not really sure what it meant, but it seems guild leaders can form small squads within the 40-man party to better lay out strategies.

3. New PvE maps for guilds – Nothing much to explain, guilds will earn activity points and other rewards. It is not confirmed if these maps will require parties or if guild members can enter solo.

4. The messenger from Hell: Scythe – The 12th weapon for the game. According to the first preview, this is a summoner class, with the power to summon minions from Hell. Every minion will have different skills, and it is essential to summon the right one for different situations.

Fantasy Frontier - 12th weapon Scythe

5. Eidolon 3-star upgrade – It is said that all Eidolons will get an evolved, new look at the 3-star grade. Of course, they will be stronger as well.

Fantasy Frontier - 3-star Vayu design Fantasy Frontier - 3-star Aelius design

Finally, developer X-Legend assured players that new content for Fantasy Frontier (Aura Kingdom) will be pushed out regularly by the team, with no resources moved elsewhere. Players got worried when the company announced several new games for 2014 a few months back.

Fantasy Frontier - Guild Hall celebration