Strife – 2nd generation MOBA to enter debut test phase in China next week

Developed by S2 Games, the studio behind Heroes of Newerth, Strife will be entering its debut test phase in China on 26th February, which is next week. While most expected Tencent to be the publisher, it will in fact be YY Inc, publishing a client game for the first time.

Strife - China server hero selection screen

For those who did not know, YY Inc is the parent company of popular Chinese gaming news website, Duowan, and it is actually listed on Nasdaq. The English server for Strife is currently in Closed Beta, so hop on and register for an account to play if you haven’t.


Just additional info, S2 Games did mention about a cross-region capability being developed, which will allow players from different countries and regions to team up or go against each other. The full interview can be read here. What are you waiting for?