The Elder Scrolls Online – Pre-order begins for 2 different editions

[Source] Launching this April, developer ZeniMax Online Studios today revealed the 2 editions available for The Elder Scrolls Online. While there is the Standard Edition as per normal, the collector’s edition here is being labelled as the Imperial Edition, which comes with a bunch of extra goodies.

The Elder Scrolls Online - Imperial Edition

As seen below, only players who buys the Imperial Edition will gain access to the exclusive Imperial race. I am pretty sure fans will be complaining about this… The digital Standard Edition is priced at USD 59.99, while the Imperial Edition will burn USD 79.99 from your wallet (both with 30 days game time).

The Elder Scrolls Online - Imperial Edition extras

A new cinematic trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online also went live at the same time, marking the start of the pre-order phase. Despite nearing to launch, an ironclad NDA is still in effect, preventing Closed Beta testers to share game information or media such as screenshots and videos. I wonder why…