Legend of Crouching Dragon – Blizzard and Netease files court case

[Source] After being somewhat of a sensation in the Western world given the little time taken to “duplicate” Hearthstone, the developer of Chinese mobile game (no Legend of Crouching Dragon is now being sued by Blizzard Entertainment and its long time China partner, NetEase.


The subject is of course the content (including logo), where intellectual rights were infringed. According to several articles from China, the 2 companies are seeking a sum of  10 million Yuan (around USD 1.65 million) as compensation. I am making a wild guess, it includes the closure of the game as well.

Legend of Crouching Dragon website

Legend of Crouching Dragon has been in beta mode for a couple of months now (Android and iOS) with quite an army of players. The last I tried to download the game, the download links have been removed but it seems players with access are still able to play the game. Time for some popcorn!

Legend of Crouching Dragon cards