Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Game of the Year for AbleGamers

[Source] With the very first accessibility award for Square-Enix, FFXIV scored 9.1 in AbleGamers accessibility review scoring system including 10 for hearing and 9.5 for visual elements. FFXIV covers almost every area of accessibility with high standards and practical application.

Final Fantasy XIV screenshot

The mobility of the game was nearly perfect except for the inability to use only the mouse to play the game. In upcoming patches, Square-Enix has the ability to hit a perfect 10 with some minor fixes.

In the meantime, with the year full of accessibility disappointments from many mainstream games, FFXIV was the most requested review of the year from the AbleGamers community, and the mainstream title that fulfilled almost all of the requirements to be fully accessible to gamers with disabilities.