Naruto Spirit – 3 main Jutsu classes introduced as CBT starts tomorrow

[Press release] Naruto Spirit is a tactical browser MMO based on the famous manga Naruto. Joining the ninja world of Naruto Spirit, players can choose one of the 3 Main Jutsu Classes: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, & Taijutsu, for their character.


Ninjutsu is a very strong type regarding attack force in Naruto Spirit. Players following this path will learn skills to manipulate fire to attack enemies. The most notable skills are Chakra no Yaiba, which compresses the surrounding air into a giant powerful fire sword, and Yougan shuryuudan, which makes fire from deep down of earth layers burst into the ground.

Hana Chirimai can imprison enemies in seals and immobilize them, while the ultimate skill Hai Raito can summon the most aggressive flames to destroy everything in their ways. Ninjas using Ninjutsu have advantages against enemies using Taijutsu. Going this path, you can also choose powerful Ninjutsu Ninjas as partners such as Jiraiya, Ebisu, Gaara, Kankuro, Iruka, Konohamaru, Naruto, and Shikamaru, to name a few.

Naruto Spirirt screenshot

Taijutsu ninjas have an ability to resist every coming attack, as well as keep a consistent will before any given circumstances. Koshou no sutoraiki performs an attack like a tiger’s thrust, while Hariken tenohira takes advantage of high speed to rapidly execute a series of powerful punches and kicks to enemies.

Shou Kouken shoots a massive energy wave. With Sutoraiki no suisen, you can give out thousands of light-speed punches leaving your enemies defenseless. Choosing Taijutsu will give you advantages against Genjutsu and will give you the chance to partner with Gai, Lee, Shino, Hinata, Zanbuza, Temari, Tsunade, Kisame…

Naruto Spirirt screenshot

Genjutsu ninjas are the most mysterious ones and are famous for Chourenka, a skill that uses butterflies’ wings to fascinate and distract the enemies, and Sanran Ame no Hane that turns winds into swords to attack the opponent.

Another skill, Sakura Fubuki, uses cherry blossoms to form a cage to imprison the enemies, and Maruchi Odori Tessen, acts as giant fans absorbing the enemies’ powers into the body of the ninja using the skill. Genjutsu skills can be used to gain advantages against Ninjutsu ninjas and are mastered by Itachi, Kakashi, Kabuto, Sakura, Sasuke, Haku, and Orochimaru, among others.

Naruto Spirirt screenshot

Regarding gameplay, Naruto Spirit brings you lots of unique experiences such as being able to transform into several characters in the manga to try different fighting methods, and being able to team up with other characters. There are also many interesting mini games and other features like huge skill system divided into 3 classes, tailed beasts as pets, PK feature, subversion maps, and many others.

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