Mabinogi Heroes – Ladies’ Code named as spokesperson for update

With the new Lynn character arriving early next year, Nexon has revealed the official spokesperson for the update, with the honor going to Korean female pop group Ladies’ Code. I am not sure how popular this group is for the English K-pop fans, but I must say the trailer is really well made.


According to a recent interview with the development team, Lynn is an Asian girl with her age between 10 to 15. Her combat tactic focuses on hit-and-run attacks, thus having skills which allows her to escape from the heat of battle easily, and re-engage just as fast.

Mabinogi Heroes - Lynn + Ladies' Code promo poster 1

A normal boss combat move will see Lynn hit a mob and imbue 10 “marks” on it, before activating a skill to deal large damage. The difficulty of controlling Lynn is said to be around the middle range, with players able to create their own combos once getting used to her.

Mabinogi Heroes - Lynn + Ladies' Code promo poster 2