Heroes of Newerth – China server to see new content and game changes

With the first test phase beginning in 3 days, reports in China have pointed at several new features exclusive to the local server of Heroes of Newerth, published by Tencent Games. A new casual mode will be added, where players will not know opponents’ heroes.


This casual mode will also allow the same hero to be picked once one either side, leading to a possibility of a hero being played on both sides. 2 other features affecting all modes will see no gold being deducted upon death, while heroes still get full EXP despite being denied a creep.

Heroes of Newerth China - Base screenshot 1 Heroes of Newerth China - Base screenshot 2

This measure is to allow all heroes to progress, and gold will still be denied. The camera view can be further zoomed out in the China server, giving players a better view of the surroundings. All players will get their own carrier as well, which will be indestructible and cannot be controlled.

Heroes of Newerth China screenshot 1 Heroes of Newerth China screenshot 2

Another major change announced will be the overall storyline, where each hero will now have a new lore. S2 Games mentioned that it is not appropriate to just carry over the current one found in the English server. Not only that, the overall game will get a new storyline as well.

Heroes of Newerth China - Heroes