Aura Kingdom – Closed Beta keys giveaway for anime online game

[Activate here] Shortly after Founder’s Beta, Aura Kingdom is entering Closed Beta on 23rd December 2013 (US timing)! Publisher Aeria Games has provided MMO Culture with 2,000 keys, making sure no one gets left out of all the anime-ish fun!

No keys left! Sorry.

1. Click on this link here to start activating your key

2. Login to your Aeria account

Aura Kingdom account login

3. Enter your key in the box and click ‘Redeem’

4. Download the client and start playing on December 23rd (US timing)

Aura Kingdom currently features 8 different classes, with many more to come in the near future with regular content updates. What’s more, all players will get to choose  their secondary class upon reaching level 40! Without switching characters, skills from both classes will be available for use!

Aura Kingdom classes

Having played the Taiwan version until the then-level cap in just a week, Aura Kingdom (known as Fantasy Frontier in Taiwan) is 1 of the most enjoyable free-to-play 3D title I have played. Somehow, the anime-ish graphics provided me with a less stressful gaming environment.


Or perhaps it might be the awesome Eidolon system, where unlike most games, minimal care is needed for this “pet” system and the urge to collect more of them. Each comes with unique skills, adding another dimension to the combat. What are you waiting for?


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