Legion of Heroes – Nexon showcases its high-end mobile MMORPG

Everyone is getting into the mobile games space, and it is no surprise Nexon is in the loop as well. Legion of Heroes is a mobile MMORPG developed by Ndoors, also the creator of Atlantica Online. Nexon bought the developer some years back, and this is the 2nd major new title since then.


The familiar turn-based combat is refined and slotted into Legion of Heroes, with deep integration with several social platforms as well to promote overall engagement. There are some elements of trading card games as well, with a large stable of characters to recruit (or Hero Employment System).


There is currently no release date or schedule announced, but Legion of Heroes will be available on both iOS and Android devices. While set to launch in South Korea first, the game is being prepared for an overseas launch as well.

Legion of Heroes description