Daum Communications – Rising games company reveals G-Star lineup

Or simply known as Daum, the rising games company has just held its media conference on its first major appearance at the annual G-Star event. While Black Desert is set to be the main title of interest, Daum also revealed Sony’s very own PlanetSide 2.


Other than the 2 heavy hitters, there is a casual sports title named Winning Putt, along with 3 anime-ish mobile games. Overall, the lineup looks diversified, which is a really good thing to attract gamers from all ages and with different tastes.

Daum - G-Star 2013 core products lineup Daum - G-Star 2013 mobile games

With several gaming moguls such as WeMade Entertainment and NCsoft not taking part in this year’s G-Star, Daum and Nexon will probably be the 2 companies core gamers will be flocking to.

Daum - G-Star 2013 media day