Blade & Soul – 120 servers not enough to handle official launch

NCsoft’ Blade & Soul launched a few hours ago in China, with Tencent Games wasting no dollars on live events, online campaigns with almost every gaming news outlet, and even a Blade & Soul-themed internet cafe. South Korea’s Girls’ Generation is the official spokesperson.


Having played the game much earlier since I managed to get a coveted activation key, I am skipping Blade & Soul China over the next few days due to the severe server congestion problem, which is quite expected. There are 120 servers right now, with all of them facing long wait times (red).

Blade & Soul China server list

The game increased the max level cap, as well as several new maps, gears, monsters, bosses and continuing the somewhat awesome storyline. I will still advise gamers who do not understand the language to stay away from the game, since it is not a simple auto-click game.

Blade & Soul China poster