One Piece: Running Chopper – The doctor begins his own mobile quest

Released recently only in Japan, Running Chopper is the new mobile game after Dance Battle as One Piece looks to increase the franchise’s exposure. In this game, players assume to role of Tony Tony Chopper, the loveable team doctor as he runs across the screen collecting foods.

Running Chopper screenshot 1

There will be traps to avoid, enemies to defeat as well. Running Chopper really reminds me of Sonic the Hedgehog in the linear play style. Before each game, players may choose to select 1 of 2 form change, Kung Fu Point (knocks off enemies in the same direction) or Horn Point (sky to ground attack).

Running Chopper form change 1 Running Chopper form change 2

Many characters from the manga/ anime series will make their appearance, including the Straw Hat Pirates, enemies and also familiar locations. As mentioned, the game is only in Japanese now and costs 17o Yen (USD 1.74), interested players may visit Google Play or Apple App Store.

Running Chopper screenshot 2 Running Chopper screenshot 3 Running Chopper screenshot 4 Running Chopper screenshot 5