Forsaken World – First new class announced since launch

Shenmo, or known in the English market as Forsaken World, will be seeing its first new class since launching around 3 years ago on 7th November. I have no idea what took developer Perfect World so long, but the Blood Reaper (loosely translated) is exclusive to the Lycan race.

Forsaken World - Blood Reaper image 1 Forsaken World - Blood Reaper image 2 Forsaken World - Blood Reaper image 3

Not much is known other than the few screenshots and art work, but the Blood Reaper is reportedly a class with strong crowd-control mechanics. There is of course a storyline behind this, but I am too lazy to translate the whole thing…

Forsaken World - Blood Reaper image 4 Forsaken World - Blood Reaper image 5

With the level cap increased to 90, players can also look forward to new armor sets, such as the ones seen below. There will be new skills for all classes as well.

Forsaken World - Mage new armor Forsaken World - Marksman new armor Forsaken World - Priest new armor Forsaken World - Vampire new armor

Finally, new maps will definitely be on board, along with a new large-scale raid dungeon, where players will rescue the goddesses of ice and flames (art work seen below) from the Magic Emperor.

Forsaken World - Goddess of Ice Forsaken World - Goddess of Flames

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