Core Masters – A brief look at the game modes for Closed Beta 2

Slated to begin on 23rd October in Korea under Korean publisher Neowiz Games, Core Masters will be having 3 new game modes with “cores” being the key winning element. They are the Deathmatch, Casual team and Competitive team modes, with 35 characters currently ready for selection.

Core Masters characters

In Deathmatch mode, 8 players will be fighting for cores. Cores can be obtained from the randomly-spawned “gates” (or towers) after being destroyed. Players carrying cores might drop them as well after being killed. The match ends when a player secures 10 cores, with the top 4 declared winners.


Casual team mode uses the same mechanics as Deathmatch mode, other than being partied into 2 different teams. Here, cores dropped from slain players can be picked up by members of either teams. The first team to secure 20 cores will be the winner.


The final mode will be the Competitive team mode, where players have to obtain cores and detonate them at enemies’ base structure (25,000 HP). Each player can only carry 1 core at any time, with the cores obtained from gates and enemy structures.

Core Masters competitve team mode

There are no attacking towers on either team’s area, although the base structure does deal a hefty amount of damage. Core dropped from dead players can be contested by either team’s members as well. There are a couple more interesting features, such as item synthesis and off-game gear selection.

Core Masters poster