Blade & Soul – New test phase to begin for China as Open Beta nears

After months of testing, the China server for Blade & Soul will be entering its non-wipe test phase tomorrow, which is usually the prologue to the upcoming Open Beta. However, this test phase will still require a much coveted activation key, currently selling around USD 50.00 on the black market.

Blade & Soul China - Non-wipe test phase

Seen below are a couple of fan made videos for Blade & Soul China, which are made with extraordinary editing skills. Publisher Tencent Games is still asking for more fan made videos, which will no doubt be a huge marketing campaign to promote the game.


The English server for Blade & Soul is still missing in action, although the game website is still up. Doing a quick check on LinkedIn, it seems the core staff introduced before have already moved on to other roles and companies. Still, the game is scheduled for 2014 with no delay announced.